We are always looking for strategic partners to help us promote the exploding new sport of SUP. If you feel your product or service offering is aligned with what we are up to please don’t hesitate to drop us a line.

  • Sponsoring allows you to reach specific target markets with a lower financial investment than a traditional advertising campaign, activating a process of automatic communication.
  • Sports sponsorship has one clear advantage over TV advertising in as much as the consumer is actively choosing to watch sports and the sponsorship within them. It is a personal choice that involves emotions
    which are automatically transferred to the partner / brand sponsor of the event. The companies sponsoring a team, a professional or a tournament, will be perceived in a positive way because the values of the sport are transferred onto the brand/product.
  • Its effective – audience figures of major sports events are much higher than most prime time programs. The value is greater in as much as you are penetrating a much broader target specific group – enhancing awareness of the brand and or product.
  • Sponsorship can be used as a platform to create a lot of other marketing activities. Each partnership can be defined into various sub-activities that will increase the brand awareness and will involve the target market
    more directly.

Ontario SUP Race Series Tour Sponsor Packages

Four sponsor packages – Title, Gold, Silver, and Bronze – offer strategic value-added benefits. As well, there is the opportunity for the development of specialized and general sponsorships.


  • • Exclusive name sponsor through all components of the event including, event site, socials, website, Facebook,
  • T.V. radio, etc.
  • • Prize presenter & marquee status
  • • Signage at all socials and, racing and non-racing events
  • • Free Booth on site at all event races
  • • Logo on competitors lycra race shirt
  • • Premiere Ad placement in all race notices
  • • Ad & logo placement on event Series poster (large font)
  • • Premier Ad & logo placement on Website & Facebook-
  • • Large Banner ad on website and hyperlink to your website


  • • Exclusive name sponsor of a social event, a racing event, or non-racing event
  • • Signage at all socials and, racing and non-racing events
  • • Logo on competitors lycra race shirt
  • • Ad & logo placement on website & Facebook
  • • Ad & logo placement on event Series poster (medium font)
  • • Medium size Banner ad on website and hyperlink to your website


  • • Exclusive name sponsor of an award
  • • Signage at all social events, racing and non-racing events
  • • Ad placement on Series poster (small font)
  • • Small Banner ad/logo on website and Facebook
  • • Exhibit products at all events


  • • Signage at all social events, racing and non-racing events
  • • Name placement on Series Poster
  • • Logo on website and Facebook
  • • Title host of one event
  • • Exhibitor pop-up at Title Event
  • • Provide Team Rider for Demo/Paddle/Race Clinic


  • • Exhibit products at a single event
  • • Set up display/pop –up
  • • Supply promotional materials

Blackwatch Sports Group LLC. is an organization that provides the community with a Stand Up Paddle board Race series. Our Summer Splash Paddle Challenge and our exclusive Victory SUP race series can offer participants from all age groups a positive and fun paddling experience. Competitors will put their personal fitness and paddling skills to the test in a competitive environment. Categories exist for all age groups, gender and levels of competition.

The Summer Splash Paddle Challenge is the premier provider of Stand-up Paddle Boarding in Ontario and seeks to make this experience affordable and available for all interested participants across all demographics.

We look forward to hosting the Summer Splash Challenge and the Victory SUP Race series this summer in several popular Ontario beach locations. This is a unique opportunity to ‘catch the wave’ in a rising mainstream watersport.

Just as with Kiteboarding, Stand Up Paddle boarding is growing phenomena in North America with a lot less risk and an easy learning curve.

Are you interested in becoming a sponsor and gaining key access to the lucrative Ontario summer water sports market? We are now accepting sponsorship applications for the summer 2013 Summer Splash Challenge. Please give us a call at Blackwatch Sports Group so we may discuss what sponsorship level best meets your specific business needs.

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