BOARD REVIEW – KM Hawaii Compressor HP

KM Hawaii Compressor HPBY: Mitch McColl – LXV


The Compressor HP is KM’s our all carbon board for elite flat-water and surf-style racing.
Through four generations of hull evolution, the compressor has developed into an ultra-lean, water-slicing board capable of some serious speed.

This board is available in both 12’6 and 14′ versions.

On the business end of things, the Compressor HP sports an aggressive dropped point nose that minimizes your wake and pierces through chop and swells. Back at the tail, you’ll experience a low-drag design capable of some serious control in the surf.  New for 2016, we designed a small rise on the tail that assists with confident and aggressive buoy turns by locking you in to your board. Our skinnier models have dual grab handles on the board’s edges for lighting fast beach starts.  The largest widths on both the 12’6 and 14′ Compressors HP have a single center handle.

If you are a competitive athlete or a paddler that likes to cover distance quickly, you owe it to yourself to try our Compressor HP.  Whichever width you choose, you are guaranteed to have one of the fastest race designed shapes on the market.


  • Single Fin Set-Up
  • Genuine Goretex® two way self-venting valve
  • Equipped with a GoPro® mount
  • Cargo tie-down mounts on the front
  • Diamond cut multi-color track pad with KM logo
  • Drop nose that literally slices through the water and waves


12’6″ Compressor HP

12’6″ 24″ 5″ 210 Single
12’6″ 26″ 5″ 225 Single
12’6″ 28″ 5″ 242 Single

14′ Compressor HP

14′ 24″ 5″ 232 Single
14′ 26″ 5″ 247 Single
14′ 27.5″ 5″ 268 Single

Port Dover – Race Recap

Our youngest racer, 10 year old Jessica Meis with Southcoast Watersports hosts Jonah Logan and Tyler Bachus.

Close action at the Open Race Start.

Jonah and Tyler came up with their unique course design incorporating a long leg followed by a run on the beach followed by several legs on a dragonfly course (including more beach runs – 6 for Elite, 4 for Open and 1 for Novice/Youth).

A very challenging technical course with the Elite making 43 turns according to our resident tracker Tracey Findlay.

We saw some highly competitive racing with Joel Stewardson and Mitchell McColl having a virtual tie for Third place on the Men’s Open Category. In the Elite Women we had first place winner Ariel Amaral crossing the line 2 seconds ahead of Tracey Findlay.

Thanks to our sponsors Southcoast Watersports, Blu Wave, Ausmosis, LXV, and Starboard


There’s lots of parking at Station Beach Kincardine.  It’s a short distance for participants to walk their boards from the parking lot to Station Beach.

There’s washrooms and showers right at station beach and there’s a little fry shack there as well.

LAKE EFFECT Juice and Smoothie bar will be onsite to offer up some nice healthy choices for drink options.

Patrick Main from PICK STUDIOS will also be there to provide some live music after the event.


Race Course Kincardine

Eastern Canadian Championships – Port Dalhousie Race Recap

WOW! There were a lot of wows that day and that’s the best word I can use to describe the day.

The promise of a downwinder turned into a battle of strength when the wind picked up with a Northerly bent.

As winds stated to gust to the 30’s it took a lot of skill just to stand on your board.

The picture below of Tracey Finlay says it all.

Also pictured: 2016 Eastern Canadian Champions Antonio Bruzzese and Jamie Lee Moir

Elite Start. The launch was restricted so racers could only enter the water in twos or threes.

By the time everyone had launched the start line had drifted over 500 meters downwind. With the majority gathered by the safety boat there was no choice but to start the race as a general recall would have been impossible. The strong, gusty winds only added to the frustration of the latter part of the field.

Safety Crew. Thanks to Jeff Mackie in the boat, Ben Robertson on the Ausmosis Ski and Alex Nicholas on the yellow Jet Ski who gave support to the racers without whom the race would not have been possible. Jeff assisted 3 racers with the help of Richard Dewey – Ariel’s Dad.


Competition Rules

The following is a quote from the WPA Racing Rulebook:

  1. Competitor Rules and Safety
  2. a) A competitor must be standing while paddling once a race has started until crossing over the finish line. A competitor is allowed to sit, lay or kneel to rest without making forward progress. If a competitor takes more than five strokes while sitting, laying or kneeling once a race has started the competitor may be disqualified (DNF). The exception with this would be for safety reasons where a competitor needs to avoid or may be put into a potentially dangerous situation that would put them or others at risk of injury and or property damage.  


With everyone safely ashore it was time to gather at the LOCK STREET BREW PUB courtesy of our host Darryl Austin. A great BBQ was provided thanks to Rosie. I think the samples were a hit and the Pub will be a great success.

NEXT RACE – PORT DOVER SUP RACES – Saturday, July 16, 2016 –



SUPcross Race:

On Site Registration: 10:00 to 11:00

Race Meeting: 11:30

SUPcross Race(s) Start: 12:00 – Elite will run first followed by Open/Novice/Kids 


After SUPcross races.

SUPcross Race

The SUPcross race will be exactly like the dragonfly course we did last year with a beach start, a paddle out to a far distance buoy then back to a beach run followed by laps of the wing buoy course with more beach runs.   Distance for Elite will be between 4-6 km + laps (TBD). Open will be half that, 2-3 km + laps (TBD)).  Kids and Novice will be one lap.

The First Annual Lake Erie Pond Hockey Tournament (AKA SUP Polo) – Free w/ race registration

This is crazy fun!  Get your team of six ready or you will be assigned to one.

Quick 15 min games.

Winners will advance to finals rounds.

Losers will play consolation rounds.

We will provide polo paddle and inflatable boards for all.

Tournament will greatly depend on weather conditions.  It it’s too choppy, no go.

Canadian Rules:

  • 6 players per side
  • Balls to be played with paddle only
  • No use of hands or feet to advance ball
  • Ball can only be played while standing up, no kneeling or in the water passes or shots.
  • No intentional contact with paddle to board or person (i.e. no pushing someone’s board with your   paddle or cross checking, slashing etc.)  Can’t use paddle as a weapon.
  • Board to board contact is allowed while ball is in play.  Call it Canadian full boardy contact league.

After Party and awards at Knechtel’s Beach House.

2016 Ausmosis RACE-D

2016 Ausmosis RACE-D 12.6 and 14’ race boards The 2016 Ausmosis RACE-D 12.6 and 14’ race boards are finally here.  Our classic race board design has taken 5 yrs.’ to perfect, and has been a podium finisher on the international race circuit.  With help from master shaper Erie Peeples and with Tom Millar assisting, our North American handmade boards have been crafted to perfection.  The Americas Cup transom provides less wake and drag than traditional pin tail race hulls. The Kevlar Carbon rails provides stability and strength to the board which aids in piercing the waves in any condition, whether it be Open Ocean or the beautiful great lakes.  Pivot turns are made easy with the 15” wide tail which provides extra float and stability when one stomps on the tail. At 27 inches wide both race hulls provide less leg fatigue than traditional race hulls without the loss to straight line speed. Be sure to try one out at the Eastern Canadian Championships.  See ya on the water!


Another great day on the water with light winds.

The race incorporated a run on the beach. With the first sand bar being 20m from shore, the run had some high stepping through the water before reaching the run portion followed by another water run to start the next course lap.

The Open class course length was 5.5KM (3 laps) and the Elite was 8.3km (5 lap).

Everyone had a real test of their strength and stamina.

Thanks to Ryan Maxwell and Wasaga Beach Paddlesurf for hosting this event and Banana’s for hosting the awards.

As you can see by the picture below, everyone had a very enjoyable day.


On the left are the prize winners of two paddles, thanks to Lee Britain (Jimmy Lewis) of AUSMOSIS


Saturday – JULY 09

Darryl Austin (host) of Ausmosis promises this race to be a true downwinder.

Keep your eye on the weather for a SW wind.

Below please find the complete race schedule.

Race Schedule

ELITE – 15.1 KM

07:00 – 09:00

Elite Racers will drop their boards off at the race START – take Ontario Street Exit in Beamsville on QEW. Head towards the Lake.

This is a fire line road with very limited parking. Someone will be there to give you direction and safeguard your board.

After dropping off your board, continue on to Port Dalhousie and the registration kiosk in Lakeside Park (Race HQ).

A bus will then transport all competitors back to the start location.

11:30 – Race Meeting

12:00 – Race start.

OPEN – 5.1 KM

Racers will meet at start – Charles Daley Park. Take Seventh Street Exit on QEW.

There is plenty of room for parking.

A bus will return racers to their cars

11:00 – Race Meeting

12:00 – Race Start


These races will start/end from Lakeside Park in Port Dalhousie.

A course will be set up just off the beach.

12:30 – Race Meeting

13:00 – Race start

14:00 – Awards

Awards will take place in the Lock Street Brewery (15 Lock Street). Darryl’s putting on the BBQ. Some sampling may occur.

2016 Canadians Commemorative T-shirtNOTE

If there is a change in the prevailing wind, all participants will be contacted at approximately 06:00 (or sooner) on race day as to change of plans. Check your emails.


The first 40 racers to sign up on-line will receive a commemorative T-shirt.

Don’t Miss Wasaga Beach SUP Fest

The Ontario SUP Race series is making its fourth stop by returning to WASAGA BEACH June 25th, in partnership with Wasaga Beach Paddlesurf (Ryan Maxwell), which is located at Beach Drive and Third Street.

Discounted all day parking passes will be available at their location adjacent to the Third Street parking lot.

Wasaga Provincial Park is allowing us to set up a race course and Demo tents right on the beach this year. Everyone is invited to come out and test drive products by Blu Wave, Starboard, Tuga, Ausmosis and Jimmy Lewis.

The race course will have a run component so you will be able to see the competitors up close and personal.

Here’s the days schedule:

All Day Demos 9-4

10:00-11:30 on site registration

11:30 Race Meeting

12:00 Race(s) Start