BOARD REVIEW – 2016 Naish Javelin

Board Review - 2016 Naish Javelin

BY: Steve Martin

Javelin Carbon boards are race designs suitable for ambitious racers and professional competition. They feature a state-of-the-art rocker line and newly developed deck and bottom shape for lightning fast acceleration and ultimate gliding speed.

Available in 24″, 26″ and 28″ widths, the newly refined Javelins feature a carbon construction, which makes for an incredibly lightweight and stiff board with even more direct board feel.

Engineered with a recessed stance area, the new shapes bring the center of effort lower, increasing rider stability without adding additional width to the body. The center double-concave bottom also maximizes directional stability, while increased tail volume and tucked edges optimize board positioning for controlled, yet aggressive buoy turns with faster recovery.

The advanced dihedral nose shape allows water to instantly release instead of wrap, forcing water to split off the sides of the board instead of toward the riders’ feet. This creates more lift when pearling, allowing the rider to continue their smooth pace without interruption.


JAVELIN 12’6” X24″ CARBON         218L
JAVELIN 12’6” X26″ CARBON         236L
JAVELIN 12’6” X28″ CARBON         254L
JAVELIN 14’0” X24″ CARBON         240L
JAVELIN 14’0” X26″ CARBON         260L
JAVELIN 14’0” X28″ CARBON         280L

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